Date : July 24, 2017

New Opportunity:  Mirage Energy Corp. (OTCMKTS: MRGE)

We’re always on the lookout for stocks with truly special stories attached to them. One of the most fertile sources of that dynamic lies in politics right now, as the policies defining the last 10-20 years bow away, and the new regime of the Trump wing of the GOP takes center stage, for however long that lasts.

Love it or hate it, there are profits to be made. And it’s your responsibility as a trader to take the trades offered to you. The new DoE is one such source. Rick Perry is the head, and he recently set in motion the terms of battle, which are heavily skewed in the favor of companies positioned to take advantage of the agenda to profit from exporting natural gas out of the US.

Our newest pick is a perfect example.

Symbol: MRGE

Company: Mirage Energy Corp.


Latest News:

Company Website:  http://WWW.MIRAGEENERGYCORP.COM


Who is MRGE


Here’s all you need to know right now about MRGE: The company is developing an integrated natural gas transportation and storage facility in Northeast Mexico. The natural gas will be exported from the United States by pipeline to the Mexican storage unit for later distribution throughout Mexico.

That’s all you need to know here because the company is perfectly working along the line of least resistance when it comes to key new policies from the new regime in charge of US policies at the Department of Energy. The main thrust of the new regime is to support energy exports.

According to company materials, “Our facility will be the first underground storage in the country of Mexico. This facility will allow the ability to balance peak loads by consumers, the ability to play price arbitrage on natural gas, and the ability for Mexico to create a Mexico Natural Gas Hub for gas pricing and stability. This facility is a depleted natural gas reservoir with the ability to store 786 BCF of natural gas.”

The company is headed by Michael B. Ward, President and CEO. He has vast experience in the oil and gas industry that spans over 45 years. He has developed multiple cross-border projects in Mexico and continues to pursue projects to build and promote Mexico’s oil and gas infrastructure.

Recent Catalysts

The company’s most recent headline is its announcement that, through its wholly owned subsidiary, WPF Transmission, Inc., it has completed the engineering designs for its natural gas international crossing into Mexico at Progreso, Texas.

According to the release, “Working closely with its project management and engineering firm, Project Consulting Services (PCS), Mirage has designed the international crossing for its 36-inch natural gas pipeline. This 36-inch pipeline, named the Concho line, will be a bi-directional line initially transporting gas from the United States into Mexico. The 36-inch crossing is designed to be approximately 1,000 ft. long with a 52-inch diameter bore under the Rio Grande River. The bore will be a minimum of 15 feet under the lowest point of the bottom of the river. The crossing will be near the city of Progreso, Texas in Hidalgo County.”

That followed an update on the progress of “moving Mirage Energy Corporation business plan forward in the natural gas pipeline and storage business. The company intends to develop an integrated pipeline and natural gas storage facility in Mexico and the United States. The company and its wholly owned subsidiaries are in the process of applying for and obtaining the necessary permits in Mexico and the United States.”


As we noted above, the company’s ability to gain permission to essentially act as an enabler of the exportation of natural gas was likely greatly eased by the recent announcements out of Rick Perry.

As reported in the Dallas News, Perry and President Donald Trump have offered a “comforting” message to energy companies seeking to export liquefied natural gas, or LNG, at huge terminals in Texas, Louisiana and other states, Perry said: “If you meet the rules, here’s your permit.”

In a speech at the National Press Club, Perry called LNG exports a “major driver” of jobs and energy production and a key way to reduce global emissions of greenhouse gases that cause global warming.

In other words, such permits are going to be really, really easy to obtain for the first time. And MRGE is one of the companies playing Johnny on the Spot.

Technical Analysis

There isn’t a great deal of information betrayed by the chart at this point, but what we do see is very encouraging. The pattern that has been fleshed out is one known as a “Bullish Ascending Triangle”.

Basically, the bids are rising through time, while the offer isn’t sinking as much. It’s something like a build-up of pressure that can only be alleviated in one way: A bullish breakout.


About MRGE

MRGE (Mirage Energy Corp.) a company developing an integrated natural gas transportation and storage facility in Northeast Mexico. The natural gas will be exported from the United States by pipeline to the Mexican storage unit for later distribution throughout Mexico.

Key Highlights:

  • MRGEis going all-in on the run to profit from the exportation of natural gas out of the US, which is the “Next Big Thing” in the stock market.
  • MRGE is making real money, with trailing revs already in place. This is no fly-by-night operation.
  • MRGE shares trade a chart sporting a major bullish ascending triangle pattern ready to potentially break out.
  • MRGE is coming off an RSI trough under 35, pointing to a massively oversold stock now heading back the other way.
  • MRGE just recorded a MACD Bullish reversal, suggesting a technical change in trend.


MRGE is a unique opportunity to gain potential out-sized profits on a shift in US policy towards the exportation of Natural Gas. The company may be right in the sweet spot, and the chart is screaming for attention.

This one demands your attention right now!


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